Shy but naughty, here is Christine, 36 years old!

Published on 03/02/2019 1,532,009 views 40 min

Our team answered the call of Christine, 36 years old. Working in a lingerie shop in Lyon, the girl wanted to give pleasure to his darling by making him the surprise to shoot a video. But when the time comes, she died of stage fright and has a hard time letting go ... So it takes all the fingering of Tony to finally open a little more, so that he can rush without blinking in its orifices ...
Listen to the raw words of Christine or one of our hostesses by calling 08 95 23 48 00 (0,80 € / min).
To fuck a libertine in your corner, only one solution: Jacquie and Michel Contact:!

Note : 9.5 / 10

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